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Saturday, October 1st 2011. | Window Drapes

Bedroom Drapes – Tips and Trick

Bedroom DrapesThere are a lot of choices, when you are planning to have bedroom drapes for your bedroom. There are many different types of window treatments to choose, such as shades, curtains or blinds. Every type has its own advantages, but each one has the same purpose, which is to keep your bedroom dark and comfortable while you are sleeping.

There is one thing you have to consider when you choose your these drapes, whether you want it practical or trendy and beautiful drapery. You may have to choose between these two features, but it is also possible to get both features. For instance, if you want a airy and light lace curtains, you can have them in your bedroom, but it might be great if you pair that with pull down shades, so that during the night, you still can have darkness and privacy.

When you purchasing your new window treatments for your bedroom, you can do some trick to see how much they can block out light, by hold them up to the lights in the store and see how much you can see through them. You can have drapes and a separate liner or drapes and blinds together, if you prefer to have a darker room.

They can also provide you some sound and wind proofing to your bedroom. If your windows are old and leaky, you maybe have a lot of wind and noise coming in from outside. Bedroom drape can help to soak up some of these aspects and keep you comfortable during the night. Make sure to choose thick drapes, or get a lighter material pair together with a liner to maximize your comfort.

When you are purchasing your drapes, make sure to buy the perfect size for your windows. They should be enough to cover the entire window, without allowing the light to peak through the sides or bottom. If you have heaters under the windows, make sure the drapes don’t cover them; it will make your room cold during the night.

If you follow these tips, selecting your bedroom drapes and shades should not be a boring task, instead it should be something fun that you enjoy doing it. Bedroom drapes will make your sleeping time much better.

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